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【立場新聞】高教公民 Progressive Scholars Group:靴下無聲:香港警察侵犯人權報告

【警暴報告 Police Brutality Report】高教公民發表《靴下無聲:香港警察侵犯人權報告》,報告旨在記錄 2019 年 6 月至 12 月期間,香港警察如何違反國際人權準則。

Progressive Scholars Group released the “Silencing Millions: Unchecked Violations of Internationally Recognized Human Rights by the Hong Kong Police Force”. The report aims at documenting the violations of internationally recognized human rights by Hong Kong Police from June to December 2019.

📘 英文報告全文 English full report
📗 中文行政摘要 Chinese summary
📒 結論中文譯本 Conclusion Chinese translation

Main points of the report include:

• 本報告詳盡分類、討論和解釋香港警察如何在 2019 年示威中涉嫌違反國際法的執法準則、人權標準和各種國際規範。香港警察暴力之嚴重程度和規模,在已發達社會中極為罕見。
This report categorizes, discusses, and explains the possible breaches of international law of law enforcement (LOLE), international human rights laws (IHRL), and various international standards and rules by members of the Hong Kong Police Force during the 2019 Protests. Most important, the scale and intensity of the abuses committed by the Hong Kong Police Force have been unprecedented in developed societies.

• 由於香港政府和中國政府持續拒絕對警暴問題進行獨立調查,加上本地的監察制衡機制已被認為缺乏能力進行和意願調查,國際調查將是唯一出路。
Due to the HKSAR government and the PRC government’s refusals to launch any independent inquiry to police brutality, as well as the inability of the local check and balance mechanism to launch any meaningful investigation, international inquiry will be the only way-out.

• 本報告建議國際機構盡快展開調查,包括聯合國安理會、聯合國人權理事會、國際刑事法院、聯合國人權事務高級專員辦事處等等,這些機構都具備啟動獨立調查之權力。此外,自由世界國家應參考美國之《香港人權與民主法案》和《全球馬格尼茨基人權問責法》,調查和制裁違反人權之香港警官;英國亦應根據該國《2001 年國際刑事法院法案》之權力,調查香港警隊中的英國籍警官。
This report recommended that the case should be investigated by competent international bodies such as the United Nations Security Council, Human Rights Council (UNHRC), or the International Criminal Court (ICC), or the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), as they are all empowered to launch independent inquires. In particular, Free World countries should follow the example of the United States to pass legislations similar to the “Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act” and the “Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act” so as to impose sanctions on those police officers who have violated human rights; the United Kingdom should also make use of its “International Criminal Court Act 2001” to initiate an investigation on the Hong Kong Police Force personnel who were British nationals.

International inquiry, the only way-out!

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